L. B. Purple Ring (Arise) - Framed
L. B. Purple Ring (Arise) - Framed
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L. B. Purple Ring (Arise) - Framed

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5”x7” in an 8”x10" frame #12 of this size. Majestic Art Deco L. B. Purple Ring (Arise) limited edition illuminations are individually hand gilded with 24 kt gold or pure palladium, signed and numbered.

Each museum-quality illumination is made with bright archival water resistant inks on velvety smooth lightfast acid free pH neutral 100% α-cellulose German Etching paper by Hahnemühle who’s papers have been prized in European houses of nobility for centuries for their highest levels of craftsmanship and superb durability. 


The quotation from the Bahá’í Writings reads: “Let each morn be better than its eve and each morrow richer than its yesterday.” ~Bahá'u'lláh

Only 400 L. B. Purple Ring illuminations each of two sizes*, independent of the quotation used, will be made from the original 5”x7” colored pencil and gold illumination of the same name which was inspired by the drawings or architect, Louis Bourgeois. ~ Interlacing ribbons of lilac & imperial violet form a regal crown wreathed with gleaming haloes delivering you to the noble realm of honor & deep inner truth. © BKS 

* I had made 15 L.B. Purple Rings at size 4x6 before discontinuing the size.


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