Alma Mater



I grew up in a small rural Idaho town with about 800 people. Teachers in grade school did the best they could on low budgets when it came to the art portion considered to be needed in our little lives. Thankfully, in high school, welding was part of the curriculum. Practical given the amount of farm equipment that our older selves might be expected to fix one day. I loved welding! I was actually decent at it and considered it as possible career when making college plans. I decided against it for fear of the toxic impact but maybe I shouldn't have been so particular. Its a good career. I went to Portland to a private design school to learn what I thought would be exhibit and display focused and instead was all about product design. My BA was flushed out with classes from the U of I which has the fantastic school colors of black and gold. And now, I'm at the brink of something MA journey at the King's Foundation School of the Traditional Arts! Stay tuned! I'll likely have more frequent updates on my Color & Gold Instagram account but I wanted to just announce it here.