Color & Gold


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Historical limited edition Plumeria illuminations are individually hand gilded with 24kt gold, signed, numbered and ready for framing.

Each museum-quality illumination is made with bright archival water resistant inks on velvety smooth lightfast acid free pH neutral 100% α-cellulose German Etching paper by Hahnemühle who’s papers have been prized in European houses of nobility for centuries for their highest levels of craftsmanship and superb durability. 

Only a max 200 Plumeria 4”x4” illuminations, 100 of the 8”x8” illuminations and 10 of the 12”x12” immunizations each of three will be made from the original 12”x12” illumination that was p
ainted with watercolors made of hand mulled lapis and malachite pigments, hand ground 24k  palladium, gold and aluminum leaf on a pattern composed with the ruler and compass using a method taught by Antara Biswas in India. I have since adapted the design for a large scale painting and mural for Wayfarer Theaters in Highland Park, IL. ~12”x12” in an 16x16” black frame© BKS 2021


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