Art Through Geometry Suggested Supplies

These are ones I use. I’m not affiliated with them in any way. 

Steadtler Comfort 2 Piece Set Compass

Allinone Plastic Ruler 2 Piece Set What I love about this set is the small ruler. It’s really handy! 

4H Pencil by Koh-I-Noor A 4H pencil makes lines that don’t smudge as easily as a standard 2B. They are also very light so if you wish to see your lines better, maybe switch to a 3H or lower. I am not recommending this brand over any others in particular. I simply got these as they were the least expensive I could get on line during lock down and it’s my go to drawing pencil now. 

Jelly Comb Electronic Pencil Sharpener I’ve used so many sharpeners and this one is my favorite for regular barreled pencils. It won’t work on larger ones such as a Luminance colored pencil. Batteries and screwdriver not included. 

Mono Zero Eraser So handy!  

Uni-Ball Signo UM-151 Gell Ink Pens
 I love these pens! They are awesome simply for writing and taking notes but when I first started geometry would use then to draw different steps with different colors because it helped me find the different lines and understand my steps better later on. 

Stabilo 88 Fineliner Pens These are good for the above plus they are good for coloring. Because they are thicker though, when fixing your compass point, keep in mind that you will need to aim for the center of the line width each time to maintain accuracy. 


If you want to color or outline your work, there are so many mediums from markers to pencils and paints. I’m just listing here some that I find handy for quick rendering of patterns.

Ohuhu markers With regards to these, I actually like the control of the fine tip over the Copic Ciao. Copics still have their own place in the world of course and maybe I’ll learn to like them more as I get used to them. This link is just for a small set of Ohuhu markers. I purchased a set of 80 but wish I had the whole set.