Framed & signed original green, purple & mulberry illumination with 23 kt gold gilding, "Huckleberry Moons", 13.5"x16.5" - Color & Gold LLC © Bridgette Kelling
Color & Gold

“Huckleberry Moons” - Original, Framed

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The original signed “Huckleberry Moons” colored pencil and 23 kt gold leaf illumination.

The illumination itself is 5.75"x9.75" and with the frame it is 13.5"x16.5". The frame is set to hang in landscape but the design also works with portrait orientation.

 Gilding has served as a high point in many periods of human history. One the Renaissance. For those who imagine a time of castles, large stone rooms warmed by crackling fires and rich tapestries with threads of gold, this illumination is for you! © BKS

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